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West greets east was originated keeping in view the emotional and physical epidemic that has no bound.

West greets east is basically an approach of applying psychological remedies to the mental and physical disorders by blending the science of psychology originating from America with the natural healing therapies in the form of Yoga and Ayurveda popping up from the soil of diverse India found by Mr. William McDonald of Virginia, U.S.A.


Right Choice for Quality Roofing in Northern Virginia

At Equanimity Roofing, we aim at serving our clients with a worthwhile service. We specialize in flat roofing and shingle services in the Northern Virginia area comprising Annandale, Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Springfield, Arlington, Woodbridge.



A healthy lifestyle is a pillar of an individual’s physical and mental state. We at Haritha Yogshala spread the importance of holistic wellness by means of Yoga, Ayurveda, Healing and Meditation. Worldwide acceptance of yoga and Ayurveda healing is a proof of its effectiveness in itself. Providing guidance and helping through the implementation of Yoga practice and Ayurvedic niyamas to detoxify the body from impurities and bring a sense of harmony in life.



The wonderfully located boutique hotel is not less than an elegantly crafted jewel in the valley of Dehradun. Mayvilas gives a remarkable, alluring and refreshing hospitality experience amidst the graceful vibes of the town.


Adarsh Institute Rishikesh

आपके पास पढाई के लिए अधिक से अधिक समय है तथा कड़ी मेहनत कर सकते है तो आप अपने नजदीकी सरकारी स्कूल/ कालेज से ही नियमानुसार फार्म भरें, ले‍किन यदि आप पढ़ाई मे कमजोर हैं या कठिन विषयों से घबराते हैं या अब तक प्रयास करने पर भी निराशा ही मिली या काम धन्धा नौकरी आदि के कारण रेगुलर पढ़ाई का मौका अथवा समय नहीं मिलता जिससे परीक्षा सफलता से सम्बन्धित अनेक समस्यायें मन को चिन्तित करती हैं। तो आप निर्भय होकर फार्म भरें, साल बचायें । हमारा डाक अध्य‍यन निर्देशन सहयोग आपकी अच्छी सफलता के लिये है । उन परीक्षाओं से सावधान रहें जो भारत सरकार से मान्यता प्राप्त नहीं है तथा उनसे भी सावधान रहें जिन संस्थाओं की डिग्रीयों को नकली (Fake) घोषित किया है । ऐसे संस्थाओ की जानकारी के लिए UGC FAKE LIST में देख सकते हैं।


This is your planet. Introduce yourself.

Travelling with Himalayan High Rangers is the very best way to get up close and personal with your planet in a way you’d never manage on your own. For more than 20 years, we’ve brought together people from all over the globe to create lifelong connections.


Find The Best Ayurvedic Spa Treatment Center in Rishikesh

Haritha Ayurveda Academy and Panchakarma Spa Treatment center in Rishikesh value the importance of healthy life and present Ayurvedic solutions for the same. Ayurveda and yoga have been healing the world for more than 5000 years.


Siya features a combination of suites and luxurious deluxe rooms to accommodate our guests

At “SIYA” we believe in the energy and its transition and flow, the body is temporary but nurturing it in the coordination with nature is indeed required for a balanced life. Let us show you the right path of managing the life the way it is meant to. Ayurveda, yoga and meditation are the pillars of health care which are being induced to the mainstream due to its relevance in the life.


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VK Tour and Travels offers best taxi service in Rishikesh at affordable prices that suits your pocket well. Feel free to lease vehicle for a day or more. We are hear to give the best drive to almost any location you want to travel to in Uttarakhand. Call upon us if you need a top-tier Car Rental service in Rishikesh.


Marriage Uttrakhand is a right platform to find matches.

Online matrimony for uttarakhand community from himalayan region Garhwal and kumaon known as uttaranchali or uttarakhandi also.

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